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Select a category below for a full list of the services offered at DVM Labs:

Prices have been omitted from these lists as a courtesy to our clients. Please contact the lab for pricing information.
Complete Profile
CBC Direct Bilirubin Calcium
Total Protein ALT (SGPT) Phosphorus
Albumin AST (SGOT) Sodium
BUN Alk Phosphatase Potassium
Creatinine Glucose Cholesterol
Total Bilirubin Amylase  
(all profiles require RT & LT tubes)
Complete Profile w/o CBC
Complete Profile + T4
Complete Profile 2
Complete Profile Occult Heartworm
T4 Urinalysis
Partial Profile w/o CBC
  BUN Glucose
Total Protein Creatinine Sodium
Albumin ALT (SGPT) Potassium
Feline Profile 2
Complete Profile FIV Cytauxzoon screen
T4 FeLV Ag Hemobart screen
Large Animal Profile
CBC Direct Bili (if TB >2.0) Sodium
Total Protein AST (SGOT) Potassium
Albumin Alk Phosphatase LDH
BUN Glucose CPK
Creatinine Calcium GGTP
Total Bilirubin Phosphorus  
Thyroid Panel
T4 (RIA) Free T4 TSH
T4 + free T4 Combination Only
Rickettsial Screen
CBC RMSF Ab Screen  
Platelet Count Ehrlichia Ab Screen  
Lyme Ab Screen Anaplasma phagocytophilum  
Hematology (LT)
CBC alone
Seratology (RT)
Single Chemistries (glucose, BUN, etc.)
Sodium & Potassium
Endocrinology (RT)
Cortisol (Pre & Post ACTH)
Dex Suppression (0, 2, 4, & 6hr)
Free T4
Immunology (RT unless denoted otherwise)
Brucella Canis Screen
Coombs (Ca) (LT)
Equine Infectious Anemia
FeLV & FIV (LT or RT)
Foal IgG
Hemobart/Cytauxzoon screen (see notes)
Occult Heartworm Ag (Ca or Fe)
OHW (4 or more batched)
Relaxin (Ca Pregnancy)
Culture & Sensitivity
Culture w/o Sensitivity
Fungal Culture
Urine Analysis
Urinary Stone Analysis
Histopathology & Cytology
Regular Histopath (1 tissue/tumor)
Short Histopath (1 tissue/tumor)
(very brief description)
Additional tissues
Cytology (Slides are from one site or tumor)
Additional cytology sites

- For a Hemobart/Cytaux screen, please collect at least 3 slides one hour apart for evaluation.
- It is the policy of DVM Labs to hold all specimens for 48 hours in case the veterinarian requests additional tests or verification of the results.
- 20% professional discount on veterinarian and staff pets. Please mark on the request sheet.
- We are always available for questions, concerns, or suggestions. The lab is able to develop custom profiles if hospitals request them.
- Results will be faxed. Please make sure we have your correct fax number.
- RT (Red Top Tube)
- LT (Lavender Top Tube)
- BT (Blue Top Tube) - must be filled to line and placed in ice water bath
- GT (Green Top or Heparin Tube)